Using Vinyl Wording For Farmhouse Signs

Something I’ve been doing lately is using vinyl wording on the signs that I make for my own home and here are the reasons why.

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1. It’s faster/ less of a mess

When I don’t have to take all day on a project I am much more likely to do it. Using a vinyl decal on a sign cuts out 4 steps:

  1. painting the words
  2. peeling and weeding the vinyl
  3. touching up the bleeds (if any)
  4. cleaning up, washing brushes and putting away paint brushes etc…

2. Vinyl decal wording isn’t permanent

For the stage I’m in with my house, using vinyl decal wording on the signs is perfect. My kids are little and growing fast, this means applicable sayings and decorations change often.

By using vinyl decals on signs I’m able to switch up the sayings on my signs. I can even use them in other rooms where they wouldn’t have made sense before.

Because vinyl decals aren’t permanent (if you buy the right kind) you can regularly change the wording on seasonal signs and decorations!

3. It’s hard to tell the difference between vinyl decals and painted words

I make custom signs for people and I’ve had a few people think that the painted words on their signs were vinyl decals.

Similarly I’ve also made 4 signs (2 in a set) for 2 different orders. One order was for painted words (bottom picture) and one was for vinyl (top picture).

Unless you went up and felt the letters you couldn’t tell a difference between the two signs, even with them sitting side-by side.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I love a good quality painted sign, but if you are looking for a quick non-commitment project then you need to try using a vinyl decal on your next nap-time project! I know you’ll LOVE it!!

H A P P Y C R A F T I N G !

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