The Best Wood For Framing Farmhouse Signs

I’ve made frames for farmhouse signs with a few different types of wood. In this post I’ll let you know what they are and which type I think is the best wood for framing farmhouse signs. Let’s get to it!

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For a detailed video of the process, here’s Framing Farmhouse Signs | The Course!

When I very first started making signs I used 1×2 pine boards from the local hardware store. The frames had a very country vibe to them because of their rounded edges. 

When I did my first boutique I noticed how clean the frames in another booth looked. It was because the frame edges were so square. 

I really liked the cleaner look, and so from there I started buying wider boards. Now I buy 1×12 pine boards and rip them down with my table saw similar to this one on Amazon.

I used to cut them to 1 1/2 “ to resemble a 1×2 (which actually measures ¾” x 1 ½”). Now I cut them to 1”, so it measures 3/4″ thick by 1″ wide by 8 ft. long, just because I like the look of it.

The other type of wood that I have used to frame farmhouse signs is rough sawn boards. This took a lot of work on the table saw. I basically had to slice all 4 sides of every board I ripped down. Because it was rough sawn there were a lot of big cracks and the boards would fall apart at the knots. 

The boards stained pretty but it wasn’t worth the time for me.

So the method that I’ve stuck with is cutting down the 1x12s.


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Before you buy, make sure the board isn’t warped in any way.

Every once in a while I get a board that’s totally straight when I buy it, but when I slice with the table saw, the boards completely warp as soon as they go through the saw. It’s strange and hasn’t happened very often, and I don’t think it’s preventable.

Make The First Cut

The first cut to make is just ripping maybe ⅛” off of the edge so that it’s square rather than rounded.

Slice The Boards To The Desired Width

Then set your saw fence to the width that you want your framing boards. You can just run the larger board through over and over until you’ve sliced as many frame boards as you can get. You should end up with, anywhere from 8-10 boards depending on the size you chose. If You’re not making a lot of signs you can just slice 1 or 2 boards and keep the rest of the big board.

At my hardware store the price of a 1×12 is about $13.50 ( this has gone up to $21.99 in 2021) so it saves money for me to do it this way too! And that’s what I’ve found to be the best wood for framing farmhouse signs! Hope this helps.

Here’s the process I use for framing 1/4″ MDF in a detailed video Framing Farmhouse Signs | The Course

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For a complete list of all the tools/materials I use to make signs, click here to see the post!

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