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Best Way To Touch Up Paint Bleeds On Signs

You know what’s frustrating? Being on one of the last steps of making a farmhouse sign and having to fix paint bleeds! The way that you touch up your farmhouse sign makes a very big difference in the finished product. Here’s what I have found to be the best way to touch up paint bleeds on farmhouse signs.

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Now when I make a sign I have to touch up maybe 1-2 places, and a lot of signs don’t need any touch up at all!. But when I do have to touch up the paint lines, here’s the process I take.

First step to touch up paint bleeds- scrape out the bleed

scraping the paint

1. If the bleed is as thick as your words, it’s not going to cover well. Typically the bleed isn’t smooth, it’s more of a bump if that makes sense. 

What I like to do in this case is use my metal weeding tool, and dig out the bleed. Be careful on this step. My tool usually follows the edge of the letter really well. So the line of the letter looks a lot cleaner without a lump on it.

Next step to touch up paint bleeds- paint

painting to touch up bleeds

2. I like to use an angled brush that’s damp, so that it waters down the paint a little bit. When the paint is too thick it doesn’t blend as nicely and you can tell exactly where you’ve touched up your sign. 

Last step- do a few layers if necessary

You may need to let it dry and do another layer or 2. It sounds like it takes a long time but it really doesn’t!

It’s hard to keep the paint exactly where it needs to go, so sometimes you have to touch up your touch up.

The ‘M’ in smarter is where I touched up the paint

Bonus tip

My last tip is if there are dried paint flakes on your sign, don’t try and wipe them with your hand. It can leave paint smudges on your nearly finished sign, and we want to avoid any unnecessary touch ups.

Instead you can blow the flakes off or get a microfiber rag and just touch the flakes. This will pick them right up without having to wipe.

I hope this was helpful! If you haven’t yet signed up for the 3 Step Formula To Clean Paint Lines, you should! I promise it will help save you time and frustration on your future farmhouse signs!

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