The Best Vinyl For Making Farmhouse Signs

When you think of vinyl on a farmhouse sign you may think it’s a cop-out. But did you know that finding the best vinyl for making farmhouse signs is one of the keys to getting those SUPER CLEAN paint lines on your farmhouse signs?

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The Best Vinyl For Making Farmhouse Signs

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There’s no worse feeling than peeling up the vinyl on your nearly finished sign, only to find that your paint has bled. This is from a lack of sealed stencil edges.

It can be equally as frustrating when you pull your vinyl stencil off and there is stick residue left where your vinyl used to be. Nobody wants to receive a stick sign. It will look dirty over time where the residue is and the sheen of the sign won’t be clean and even.

I’ve tried a few different things such as stencil vinyl and contact paper. neither of which were the answer. The contact paper left residue on the signs and the stencil vinyl wasn’t sticky enough.

It was like I needed something not as sticky as the contact paper but stickier than the stencil vinyl.

Oracal 631

Once I found Oracal 631, I was able to blow a sigh of relief. It’s the perfect amount of sticky without leaving residue (don’t use too much pressure). And it’s not so sticky that you can’t peel it back up if you need to reposition it.

(If your paint is peeling up with the vinyl, you can solve this problem with my free (for now) 3 Step Formula To Clean Paint Lines, that you can download below.)

I order my Oracal 631 from amazon. If you click here it’s the best value and it’s the roll that I use.

Click here for the best value I’ve found for a smaller roll.

If you need a few different colors of vinyl, like if you’re using vinyl for the wording rather than for a stencil, then click here for a great buying option. It’s still Oracal 631, just an option with more colors.

Along with using this vinyl I was able to come up with a 3 step formula to getting clean paint lines.

You can get the 3 Step Formula To Clean Paint Lines too! I know you’ve been searching for the answer, which is why I’m so excited to share it with you.

Get The 3 Step Formula To Clean Paint Lines (free for now!)

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For a complete list of all the tools/materials I use to make signs, click here to see the post!

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