Framing Farmhouse Signs | The Course


Framing Farmhouse Signs | The course

Save yourself the headache of heavy signs that have to have perfectly straight edges. No longer will you have the risk of shooting a nail through your sign, only having to start all the way over, just when you should have been done! (there’s nothing worse!)

This process also eliminates the use of using hangers on your small and medium signs. which makes one less step of the process.

This course includes a detailed video on:

-My step-by-step process of making frame boards,

-Exact measurements for where to set your router bit and your router fence

-2 methods of measuring for frame boards, explained in detail

-How to frame 1/4″ MDF board. 1/4″ MDF will make lighter signs that cost less to ship. It also provides a smooth surface to paint on, and is inexpensive!

-Filling the router holes

This course is 50% off right now,  and $14.99 is worth the headaches you’ll save by switching over to, and then mastering, this framing method!

*Instructions- After you purchase the course, download the PDF and click the link on the PDF to view the course!

-This is a digital product, nothing will be shipped to you.

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This course will teach you how to make frame boards with a groove in them, and then teach you how to efficiently frame 1/4″ MDF board!

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Framing Farmhouse Signs The Course teaches you how to make frame boards for farmhouse signs, and then how to frame 1/4" MDF board!

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