Make A Scroll Cut Word For Your Wall With The Jig Saw

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Hey lady! For a long time now I’ve been wanting to make a big scroll cut word for my wall. You know the ones that say things like “family” or “gather” in a big scrolly font.

Scrolled word with the jigsaw

So I thought what better time to do it then in our jig saw month. I found a wall in my laundry room that needed some decorations. So I decided to cut out the word laundry.

Making The Guide For The Scroll Cut Word

free laundry svg cut file

I wanted to keep it small enough to fit on my 12×24 Cricut mat (like these). That way I wouldn’t have to piece it together at all.

I used the word laundry cut out in vinyl. Then I transferred the vinyl onto 1/4″ thick sheet of MDF board to uses as a guide for my jig saw to follow. (If you’re not comfortable using the jig saw yet, you can click here to find a great overview of how to use it and what it can do.)

Drill Pilot Holes Into The Scroll Cut Project

drill pilot holes on the inside of the letters

I started out by drilling pilot holes big enough for the saw blade to fit into. THe pilot holes went in the centers of the letters that needed to be cut out. Such as ‘a’ and ‘d’, and anything else that was enclosed but needed to be cut out.

Cut Out The Centers Of The Scroll Cut Project First

Then I cut the centers out. The reason I started with the centers was because the cut out word would be much more weak once the word is cut away from the board. It wouldn’t handle the weight of the saw very well and would likely break.

Cut Out The Word With Your Jig Saw

Next it was time to cut the word out. I tried to stay around the outside of the vinyl (which didn’t always happen). I didn’t force the saw and as I needed to turn I turned (with slight motions) the back end of the saw to help it move smoothly through the cut.

At the end I checked for any places that I needed to go back to and cut in from a different angle. (such as tight corners)

Gently Sand The Scroll Cut Out Word

Once all of the cutting was done I went over the edges by hand with some 100 grit sand paper. Then I smoothed out the places that I could reach with the palm sander.

I was careful to leave as much of the word on the table as I could. Then there wasn’t too much pressure on the thin lines that connected the letters.

Fill With Wood Filler

At this point you can fill any spots that need wood filler, where your saw may have cut too far. Let it dry and sand those spots smooth with a smooth grit sandpaper. 150 or 200 grit would be good.

Finishing The Scroll Cut Word

Vacuum and wipe the word to prepare for priming and paint.

How you finish the word is up to you. I recommend using a spray wood filler/primer like this one. Then spray painting and finishing with a clear top coat to help hide any blemishes.

Spray painting (when done right) will give you a nice smooth and clean looking finish.

Hanging The Word

To hang the word, rest your letters on 2 small nails on the wall. Pick 2 points inside of 2 letters (such as ‘a’ and ‘r’) and mark them on the wall. Hammer the nails in and rest your word on the nails.

You could also use command strips for a no hole hanging solution.

Free Laundry SVG Cut File

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