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The Best Gifts For DIYers, They Don’t Already Have

Everyone has that crafting friend, who has everything they could ever need to craft with!! But they probably don’t have a stash of super cute, make-you-feel-good tees that reflect their love for their hobby!! So you’ve come to the right place. Jane Thread Tees is my shirt shop for crafters, makers, and DIYers! These are some of the best gifts for DIYers.

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Shop Jane Thread Tees

Shop Jane Thread Tees– Gifts For DIYers

Here are just a few of over 20 designs in the Maker collection! These shirts are crew neck, soft and stretchy, and the perfect length. There are so many available colors, there’s sure to be one that fits the style that you need!

Shop Gifts for DIYers

There are cute sayings from “maker” to “silly boys, power tools are for girls”. While you’re there take a look at the mom shirts section!

Shop Jane Thread Tees

See What Customers Are saying!

“My mom is an amazing woodworker. I wanted to buy her so many of the shirts in this shop. She loved this one, so I imagine she’ll be getting more for her birthday!”

“Perfect gift for my DIY friend who loves her power tools! She even just texted me to say how much she loves the fabric and fit. Relaxed fit and long enough to be comfortable. Thank you!”

Jane Thread Tees

So for the crafter in your life that already has all the crafting supplies, give them a gift that will make them look and feel good every time they wear it!!!

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As always thanks for stopping, and remember to shop Jane Thread Tees for the best gifts for DIYers!!!

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