3 Steps To Getting Clean Cuts With The Miter Saw

I hate it when I have just the right amount of material for a farmhouse sign frame, and then I make the cuts, and the boards get super chipped!! Has this ever happened to you? Well there are 3 things you can do to get clean cuts with the miter saw.

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(The miter saw I use is similar to this one and has worked great!)

1. Hold The Trigger Down And Let The Saw Get Up To Full Speed

When you hold the trigger down and let the saw get up to full speed before making the cut it will make a cleaner and smoother cut with the miter saw.

2. Lower The Blade Slowly To Get Clean Cuts With The Miter Saw

When you make the cut slowly rather than diving in fast the cut will turn out smoother.

3. Let The Blade Stop Before Lifting To Help Get Clean Cuts With The Miter Saw

If you let go of the trigger and wait for the blade to stop while the saw is still down, and then raise the blade there’s no chance of the blade catching the wood on it’s way back up.

The miter saw is not a saw meant for super smooth cuts. However following these 3 simple steps will help minimalize, if not prevent your boards from chipping.

And remember the chipping will occur on the side of the board that’s up against the saw fence (the side opposite of you). So plan your projects accordingly.

If you know which side of your board will be the front, then make sure that’s not the side that could chip, by placing it nearest to you.

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