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All Of The Best Supplies For Making Signs!

If you want to know all of the best supplies for making signs, then you’ve come to the right place! I’m spilling ALL of the things that I use through out my sign-making process, and have even linked every single one of them for you!!!

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Lindsey Jane co Downloadable PNG

Cricut Explore Air 2

Of course the machine that makes all of the magic happen. This is what I use to cut the vinyl. I have also used the Cricut Design Space software to design for the first few years of making farmhouse signs.

Silhouette Cameo 4

The reason I include this machine, even though I’ve never used it, is because it can cut without a mat (the Cricut can too) and can cut up to 60 ft. So I have considered getting one in order to save the time of piecing together stencils on signs longer than 24″, which is the limit of the Cricut cutting length ( the newest Cricut machine cuts longer than 24″).

Another perk to the Silhouette machine is that you can export your files as an SVG file a JPEG or a PDF. This would come in handy if you ever want to sell your SVG files. The things you design in the Cricut software are not meant to be exported other then to your printer or cutting machine.

I still love the Cricut and it has done the job that I’ve needed it to do!

Basic Tool Set, Weeder

To weed stencils and press the stencils

Glad Press ‘N’ Seal

I use this in place of transfer paper, which is used to keep the image in place while you move the stencil over to the sign and is extremely important!

12×12 Cutting Mats

I like to have these and the 12×24 mats

12×24 Cutting Mats

Start off right and buy the big cutting mats. I pieced together too many stencils before I bought these.

Large Roll of Vinyl

To make stencils (the best value)

Small Roll Of Vinyl

To make stencils


To line up stencils (Tip: use centimeters)

Brad Nail Gun

You can make them without this depending on the materials you’re using, but this tool really is such a time saver!! Here you can find a great deal on the brad nailer and circular saw when bought together.

Brad Nails

To nail the frame together

Batteries and Charger

To power the nail gun, sander and saw

Orbital Sander

The first time I turned this sander on I wondered if it was even working because it was SOO quiet compared to my old sander. The orbiting feature of it does more of the work for you, in my opinion!

Wood Glue

To glue the frames on

Router Bit

To router out the groove of the frames

Router Table

To hold your router into place so you can easily router the frames


To router the frames

Table Saw

To rip down the frame boards and the sign backers. The table saw that I use has been discontinued, but Dewalt is a well known good quality brand that you can’t go wrong with

Circular Saw

To rip down the 8′ X 4′ sheets for the backers. I’ve linked the cordless version.. it’s a little more money but I like not having to deal with finding a plug, extension cord, and then worrying about the cord getting stuck while you’re cutting! This tool is useful because you can prop up an 8ft sheet on some boards, and use the circular saw to rip it into smaller more manageable pieces. Then use the table saw to cut them to the exact size you need. You can use the circular saw for the whole process but I do feel like it’s quicker and more accurate to use the table saw.

However if you’re just starting out a circular saw and a kreg jig guide would be a great option!

Kreg Jig Cutting Guide

Use this with the circular saw for accurate cuts up to 24 inches wide

Miter Saw

To cut the frame boards to size. The one I have linked is the one I use, and it’s great! However the one I would love to have, because it will cut wider boards is linked here!

Wood Filler

To fill the groove holes in the frame boards. These are pretinted, so buy the colors that match the stain you use

36” Clamp

The biggest clamp I have is 24″ but I figured if I’m recommending something it might as well be the best option. Large clamps are nice to have in case you’re making big signs and your boards aren’t perfectly square. You can use the clamps as an extra hand to hold everything where you need it to be while you’re nailing on the frames.

12” Clamp

Same as above, but sometimes you only need a small clamp to hold your frame edges flush

12” Paper Cutter

This is just a quick and clean alternative to scissors

Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

This will give you a very straight edge on the vinyl which can come in handy if you’re selling decals. You want the edges to be straight and clean.

Supply Organizer

One of the best things I’ve done is get a rolling supply organizer. It has a few different sized drawers to fit my sign making supplies. I don’t know where you make your signs, but I make mine on the kitchen table. So I keep my organizer in the kitchen where I can quickly clean up and don’t have to haul everything in and out of another room.

Also if your organizer has wheels you can wheel it to a different area of the house if you don’t want to store it in your kitchen.

Here’s a cute option if you’re going to have it out where people can see it. I do like to have a big drawer that will fit my nail gun and vinyl table cover, and I don’t know if these drawers would check the requirement off the list.

Vinyl Table Covering

This is also useful when you’re painting signs at your kitchen table. The paint sticks to the table covering and doesn’t flake off. I fold mine up and store it in the rolling bin.

Foam Roller

I’ve found these rollers have the smoothest finish, which will help keep the paint from bleeding.

Chalk Paint

This is the only type of chalk paint I’ve used on signs!

Wood Stain

Here’s what I use, but feel free to use whatever stain is your favorite.

Staining Rags

I use old t-shirts and cut them into pieces, but if you don’t want to take the time to do that, or don’t have any extra tees lying around, these are similar

Sawtooth Hangers Small (no nail)

For small lightweight signs. No nails needed, just hammer them into the sign!

Sawtooth Hangers Large (no nail)

For bigger signs. Be sure to hammer on the edges of the sawtooth hanger and not the middle or it will bend.


To hammer in the sawtooth hangers

Small Paintbrush

For touching up paint bleeds

Wood For Framing

Here’s the post about the wood that I use.

Wood For The Sign

And here’s the post that spills all the beans about the best wood for the sign backers!

How To Frame Your Signs

Start to finish tutorial on making frame boards, and then framing your sign

How To Get Clean Paint Lines

Here’s my method for getting nice clean paint lines, with no paint peeling, on your signs!

Hope this list was helpful! If you have any questions don’t be afraid to DM me on IG @lindseyjaneco

Be sure to save this post so you can refer back to it!

Thanks so much For being here!


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