Lindsey Sorensen

The Best Gifts For DIYers, They Don’t Already Have

Everyone has that crafting friend, who has everything they could ever need to craft with!! But they probably don’t have a stash of super cute, make-you-feel-good tees that reflect their love for their hobby!! So you’ve come to the right place. Jane Thread Tees is my shirt shop for crafters, makers, and DIYers! These are […]

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The Best Wood For Framing Farmhouse Signs

I’ve made frames for farmhouse signs with a few different types of wood. In this post I’ll let you know what they are and which type I think is the best wood for framing farmhouse signs. Let’s get to it! For a detailed video of the process, here’s Framing Farmhouse Signs | The Course! When […]

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Merry Christmas - Lindsey Jane Co

Best Way To Touch Up Paint Bleeds On Signs

You know what’s frustrating? Being on one of the last steps of making a farmhouse sign and having to fix paint bleeds! The way that you touch up your farmhouse sign makes a very big difference in the finished product. Here’s what I have found to be the best way to touch up paint bleeds […]

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