15- 1 Hour Jigsaw Projects For Beginners

Using your tools for the first time can be intimidating. I’ve been there! But starting out with the right jigsaw projects can help. Try to chose something simple that won’t be overwhelming.

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To help you get started I’ve picked out 15 jigsaw projects that should be able to be done in around an hour. They are all pretty basic projects so don’t be intimidated.

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Bonus Project!
Laundry Word Cut Out

This Laundry cut out comes with a free downloadable SVG cut file, so you can make one of your very own! Just click here and the download is at the bottom of the post. Compliments of yours truly! Me.

1. DIY Animal Blocks Jigsaw Projects

We Lived Happily Ever After has a tutorial for these adorable wooden animal toys. They used a scroll saw, but if you wanted to make larger animals you could turn this project into a jigsaw project. I don’t suggest trying to make these tiny animals with a jigsaw.

2. Jigsaw Paper Towel Rack

Houseful of Handmade’s paper towel rack would make an adorable and functional addition to any kitchen.

3. One Board Bench

Ana White has some plans for the “one board bench”. It’s functional and would be a quick project for a beginner. all of the cuts could be made with a jigsaw depending on the thickness of the board you are using.

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4. Curvy Frame Jigsaw Projects

Happy Happy Housewife has a great tutorial for this adorable frame. It could be used in so many places in the home.

5. Large Curved Arrow Jigsaw Projects

This statement piece comes form Scavenger Chic where she has a great tutorial on how to make it!

7.Rustic Wood Star Jigsaw Project

Remodelaholic made this cute star and has a great tutorial to go with it. it’d be perfect for all seasons, think 4th of July AND Christmas.

8. Rustic Corbel Jigsaw Porject

Handmade Haven made these corbels with her band saw but you could use a jigsaw as well. I love them!

10. Toy Vehicles Jigsaw Project

The Project Lady came up with some adorable wooden toys that would be simple to make.

11. Cathedral Window Frame Jigsaw Project

What a cute and inexpensive way to fill a blank space on the wall. Thrifty And Chic has a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this decoration

12. Large Wooden Word Jigsaw Project

I need to make one of these statement pieces! A Home For Design has a great tutorial on how to do it.

13. Perfect Circles With the Jigsaw

Obviously this is not a finished project, but if you’ve ever tried to cut a circle with the jigsaw you know it can be tricky to get it smooth and even. Man Made DIY has a tutorial for the jigsaw that will help you cut a perfect circle. Then you can make things like serving trays and round door hangers.

14. Pallet Toolbox Jigsaw Project

You can use your jigsaw to cut the boards off the pallet and then make the project. Lehman Lane has a simple tutorial on how it was assembled

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