11 Reasons You Need A Table Saw

I’m here to convince you that you either need a table saw, or you need to learn how to use the one that you already have haha. And there are 11 reasons why YOU need a table saw!

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(Use caution when operating any power tool. Wear safety gear and follow the user manual instructions for your specific tool.)

If you don’t have one yet here are a couple of great quailtiy tbale saw options.
Dewalt compact table saw
Skilsaw brand table saw

I’ve got a great table saw overview for beginners to help you get familiar with the basic features of your table saw. Click here for that post!!

The table saw is my favorite tool because of its versatility. But for now I’m going to let the saw speak for itself. Here are 11 reasons why you need a table saw!

1. Use It To Cut Down Plywood

Those 8’x4′ sheets are sooo useful if you have a way to accurately cut them down. In order to do this on my table saw I enlist my husband’s help. I have a circular saw but feel like I can get a more accurate cut with the table saw.

2. Table Saw Makes It Easy To Batch Cut

Batch cutting with the table saw when making multiples of one project

Set the rip fence at any distance allowed by the table top and then cut as many identical and accurate cuts as you need. This comes in handy when you’re making multiples of the same project.

It makes the process much faster then measuring and cutting every piece like you would have to do when using other tools.

For example if you’re a sign maker and keep a standard size backing board on hand, you can batch cut a whole sheet of plywood to the size you need using this method. It’s so much faster then cutting one board at a time.

3. Customize Board Width

Let’s say you have a project in mind that requires 1″x2″ boards but the boards you have on hand are too large. You can use your table saw to rip them down to the exact size you need!!

For example if you have a 1″x12″ board but you need 1″x2″ boards you can use the saw to rip it down into 5 pieces. (remember with each cut the board turns 1/8″ of the board into sawdust)

Again for those of you who are sign makers, you can customize the frame depth this way.

4. Customize Board Thickness

Use the table saw to rip the thickness of your board

Again using the table saw to customize the boards you have, you can turn a 2″ board into a 1″ or 3/4″ or whatever width you need. Check to make sure you know how high your blade will rise before doing this. I’ve cut one side and then flipped the board over and cut the other side if the board is taller than the blade.

Use extreme caution when doing this! It’s a good Idea to leave the blade far enough below the top of your board that you can safely use a push stick and have it clear the blade.

If cutting smaller pieces of wood try making a push stick thin enough that it will safely make it through without hitting the blade.

5. Lengthwise Beveled Cuts

45 degree beveled edge cut with the table saw

In comparison only with the router, this saw can make some very accurate beveled (angled) cuts along the length of the board.

The advantage that the table saw has over the router is that you don’t need any different bits or accessories to cut an accurate beveled cut. You need only to unlock the bevel knob, move the blade to the desired angle and lock the knob again.

The table saw can also cut deeper cuts then the router because of the blade length.

6. Table Saw Cuts Dados

A dado is a groove that has been cut into a board using a dado blade. They are mostly used for interlocking joints. If you don’t have a dado blade you can make small dados in your project by making a deep enough cut that the joint will give a good hold to your project. And shallow enough that the strength of the board is not sacrificed too much.

Dados are useful when making small drawers. You can make a dado cut into the 4 sides of the drawers. Make sure your cut is as thick as the material you have for the bottom of your drawer. Once the cuts are made and three pieces of the drawer are assembled you can slide the bottom piece into the dado tracks and assemble the last piece of the drawer.

You can make small dado cuts with a regular blade by moving the rip fence over 1/8″ at a time until your groove is as wide as you need.

This allows you to use a thinner piece of material for the bottom without having to nail it up into the drawer from the bottom. It looks cleaner this way.

7. Make Decorative Cuts

This saw can be used for adding clean decorative cuts to boards. Like rabbet cuts for the side panels of tables, or you could cut shiplap into your sign backer. It makes it possible to make grain sack lines in a sign by spacing the lines out just right.

Another type of decorative cut is the beveled edge. You can make frames with beveled edges or even make molding for your house.

8. Allows You To Work With Larger Pieces

Use the table saw to cut custom sized farmhouse signs

Whether you’re making a large sign or a piece of furniture it allows you to work with larger pieces of material.

Even the 1/4 sheets of plywood sold at Home Depot need to be cut down with something. Even if they cut your full sheet of plywood down at Home Depot and you don’t use every piece of it, it’s nice to have the option of customizing the pieces to whatever size you need with this saw.

The table saw does this while getting straight and accurate cuts. It allows you to be creative rather than restricted.

9.You Can Make Your Own Furniture Using The Table Saw

Make your own furniture pieces using the table saw

With the this saw you’re not limited to using builders grade lumber. You can choose any plan and it’s likely that (as far as saws go) the table saw can do the job for you. (along with the help of the Kreg Jig) It allows you to buy sheets of wood-finished plywood and build pretty wooden pieces of furniture with it. (like I’ve done in the picture above)

I built the TV stand with the table saw, kreg jig and miter saw (and the help of my husband). I got the plans from Rogue Engineer

Never heard of a Kreg Jig? I”ve got a great overview of it and the different varieties here! They are EXTREMELY useful when building anything, especially furniture!!

10. Rips The Rounded Corners

Your table saw can rip the rounded edges from builder’s grade lumber. This will give a clean and straight edge on the board.

Having a straight edge on the board opens up the possibilities of joining the straight edge of the boards together to make table tops, trays, counter tops, and anything else you need a large solid piece of wood for!

Joining the straight edges will give a seamless look rather than having small rounded gaps across your table top.

11. A Lot Of Available Jigs

If you’re wondering how to make a certain cut there might be a jig (accessory) to help with it. There are a lot of jigs available that you can buy and lots that you can make.

Some jigs for the table saw include-
Taper cutting jig (useful for tapering table legs)
Thin rip jig (helps keep materials from kicking back when cutting thin slices)
– Table saw sled (helps protect from kickback, guides materials away from the blade once they’ve been cut off)
– Circle cutting jig

Just to name a few.

You Need A Table Saw

In conclusion the table saw opens up so many project possibilities! If you don’t have one, get one! And if you have one and haven’t dared use it, just try it! Start by making som straight simple cuts, and then find some beginner projects to make.

This Overview of the basic features should help you get familiar with it, so check it out!!

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